5 Best Practices To Grow Your Email List

The best way to get a return on your email marketing investment is by continuously making an effort to expand your email subscriber list to include new leads. Here are five tips for small business to grow their targeted email marketing lists, without having to buy a mailing list. Posted on Thursday, February 15 in Building Your BrandReaching The Right Audience.

Many small businesses have already discovered the power of direct email marketing. This tactic is effective because it allows companies to connect with leads at each stage of the buyer’s cycle. This strategy offers an attractive return on investment, which is great for businesses with smaller budgets. On average, many businesses experience an ROI of about $44.25 for every dollar spent on email marketing.

The best way to get a return on your email marketing investment is by continuously making an effort to expand your email subscriber list to include new leads. Here are five tips for small business to grow their targeted email marketing lists, without having to buy a mailing list:

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1) Make your Email Opt-in Clearly Visible

People will not sign up for your email subscriber list if they do not know that it is available. Advertise your newsletter or special emails to customers who may want to keep up to date on your business.

Make your email opt-in prominent on your landing page. You may want to utilize pop-ups or sliders to ensure that visitors cannot miss the opportunity to join your business’ email list. Another great strategy is to make the prompt visible on every page. That way, no matter which page brings the visitor in, they will have the option to subscribe to emails.

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2) Require an Email Address to Access Content

You have created e-books and whitepapers that you are ready to share with prospective clients. Why not ask for their email address in return for this information? This is a great way to not only grow your email subscriber list but show new visitors what your company has to offer and become a lead magnet when they opt in.

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3) Encourage Your Subscriber List to Share Your Emails

The first step to getting your subscribers to share your emails is creating effective and compelling emails that readers want to forward the email to other people in their contact list. Once you have the content, make it easy for readers to share by adding social media share buttons or email forwarding options in your message.

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4) Don’t Purchase Email Lists

It may seem tempting to buy email lists, or to use an email list generator, but it won’t be worth it. There’s no such thing as a quality free email list for marketing.

When you get a purchased email list, there is no telling how accurate or recent the database may be. Often email list vendors struggle to stay on top of job turnover when it comes to business to business (B2B) email lists. They may inadvertently send you email address of people who used to be the main contact, but now the address is no longer monitored or forwarded appropriately. Some databases refresh once per year, or longer. This would place a gap of information such as business closings, name changes, and management changes.

For business to consumer (B2C) email mailing lists, you risk having a collection of random people of varying demographics and interests. You may think that is great at first, but without targeting a specific email audience, you might as well fold a few $100 bills into paper airplanes and throw them in the wind.

In addition to junk emails that people use to sign up for deals without monitoring, you could be receiving emails of children under 18, deceased, non-English speakers, or people in locations you cannot do business with. Because the contacts of these lists did not opt in to your email mailing list, nor do they expect communications from you, your mass emails are likely to be ignored or marked as spam. Building your own email list is the most efficient use of your time, energy, and budget.

If you do make a purchase to get an email list, do extensive research to be sure you are getting a targeted email list from a reputable email market list vendor.

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5) Trust Reputable Email Marketing Experts

Do your research on reliable digital marketing agencies that specialize in mass email marketing, and let the experts take care of the leg work for you. This is the best way to ensure email list growth and track it, without spending the extra time and resources. The more you communicate your target audience and email marketing goals with your local agency, the more confident you can be that you are getting the best email list for your business.

Growing an email list can take time, especially for startup companies and small businesses. For best results in building an email list fast, use an integrated marketing strategy that uses multiple channels such as your website, social media and more.

The New Journal Media Group team in Delaware is the digital marketing agency you can rely on to get you started. Our experts can help analyze what email segments will best suite your email marketing campaign, how to separate and maintain these lists, and deliver a successful email marketing strategy.

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