5 Keys to a Better Marketing Strategy

More effective and more efficient. Posted on Monday, February 26 in Making Your Marketing Work.

You have a media spend calendar and you’re running specific advertising and marketing campaigns. Great, but do you have an overall marketing strategy? Like written down somewhere?

Defining an effective marketing strategy can sometimes feel overwhelming. We have outlined key considerations to help in building a better marketing strategy.








1. Start with Your Business Goals

To build a better marketing strategy you need to think about how it can help you address key business needs. Your marketing strategy is a road map that leads you towards your business goals.

2. Customer Insights Lead the Way

Market research and customer data can provide valuable guidance when paired with an analysis of your business goals. A few words of wisdom: don’t be overwhelmed by data. Instead focus on data that helps you truly understand your customers.

3. A SMART Approach to Tactics

When you understand how a specific marketing strategy can help you connect with customers to reach a specific business goal, you need to get SMART about developing campaign tactics that will get you there:

  • Specific: clearly defined and targeted
  • Measurable: can be quantified
  • Agreed-upon: understood, communicated and supported
  • Realistic: ground in business reality
  • Time-Bound: subject to a specific schedule

4. Be More Effective by Being More Efficient

The double positive of customer insights and audience targeting can help you marketing campaigns be more effective at reaching and connecting with customers, and also be more efficient by focusing on the right tactics and audience for your goals.

5. Always Optimize

Your marketing strategy isn’t something you create and then forget about. Or it shouldn’t be. Business changes, and sometimes you need to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Because of this, optimization isn’t just about updating campaign tactics and creative for better performance. Optimization also includes adjusting the larger marketing strategy based on business needs. Make a business review a part of your marketing optimization review.

Taking the time to consider business goals, apply customer insights, use SMART tactics, opt for efficiency and optimize can help you build a better marketing strategy.

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