5 Keys to Digital Optimization

Goals, strategy and lots of testing Posted on Monday, March 12 in Making Your Marketing Work.

With digital optimization, it can be easy to get lost in both the minutiae and the possibilities. You can test and adjust…pretty much everything.5 Keys to Digital Optimization

Here are 5 key things to keep in mind as you approach optimization for your digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

1. Understand Your Business Goals

Your marketing or advertising campaign could have great overall metrics, but if it’s not getting you closer to reaching your ultimate business goal, what’s the point? Don’t give up, though. If you keep your business goal in sight, effectively optimization can turn the campaign around.

2. Build a Clear Marketing Strategy & Revisit It

It’s also important to keep at the forefront of optimization review what the planned marketing strategy was. If the campaign is not working to get you closer to your goal and you’ve already adjusted tactics, creative, targeting, etc., it may be time to revisit the overall strategy.

3. If You’re Not Testing, You’re Guessing

Avoid campaign stagnation and status quo by being open to testing as part of your ongoing campaign optimization. Taking the extra time to test creative can generate more revenue in the long-run by increasing conversions.

4. Choose a Focus Area for Testing

Try not to test everything at once, so you can truly understand what is causing improvements. Look at audience targeting first and then test creatives for example.

5. Continuous Optimization is Key to Long-Term Success

Be open to additional tweaking for improved results. And know that optimization takes time. You’re not going to get there overnight.

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