Five Things to Look for in a Marketing Partner

As you interview potential media companies and agencies, keep these five key things in mind. Posted on Tuesday, July 25 in Making Your Marketing Work.

Is it time for your business to look for outside marketing support? Then you need to find a partner you can trust. As you interview potential media companies and agencies, keep these five key things in mind:


  1. Comprehension. Do they understand your business needs?
  2. Knowledge. Are they knowledge of the local market, your target audience, and marketing trends?
  3. Resources. Do they have the resources to deliver a targeted marketing and advertising strategy rooted in research?
  4. Optimization. Can they optimize campaigns in your best interest to maximize your budget?
  5. Return on Investment. Are they focused on your business goals, not just clicks generated by campaign tactics?

What Matters Most

It may be number three on the list, but it’s the most difficult to find and can’t be faked: resources. You need a partner with outstanding resources to ensure your campaigns are successful, specifically in data research, audience targeting, and campaign optimization. The added value and direct benefits to your marketing strategy and campaign performance add up to an enormous return on marketing investment.

Find the Right Partner 


Need help evaluating potential marketing partners? Download our Media Partner Workbook for a handy interview format as you decide who to work with towards building marketing success.

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