Fourth of the 5 Steps to Make Your Marketing More Efficient

Part of the 5 Steps to Make Your Marketing More Efficient Posted on Wednesday, January 10 in Making Your Marketing Work.


Step four in making your marketing more efficient requires the skilled application of audience targeting techniques in order to help you achieve your marketing strategy and key business goal.

There’s a lot of skill involved in knowing how to best apply audience targeting tactics in a marketing campaign. DIY marketing is hard, and audience targeting provides three specific challenges.

You need to know how to implement targeted marketing designed to move target subgroups to action. Not every customer insight is actionable, and within those insights that do have associated audience targeting tactics, not every tactic will help you reach your ultimate goal.

Digital marketing and advertising typically offers more options and functionality within audience targeting (and tracking). There are so many digital advertising audience targeting options, it can feel overwhelming.

Finally, digital marketing also enables the ability to do a lot of testing. For example, do audience criteria A perform better than audience criteria B. That’s a definite rabbit hole, making it easy to get distracted from your end goal.

All of this can be overwhelming if you’re trying to manage it on your own.

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