It’s Print & Digital (Not Either/Or)

The rise of digital isn’t the end of print. Your media mix should be driven by strategy. Posted on Tuesday, August 8 in Making Your Marketing Work.

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We’ve all heard it before: Print is Dead! But is it? People have been saying that for over a decade now, but print is still around. Print is still a great medium for driving awareness with certain audience segments. And though the continued effectiveness of traditional media is most tied to creating and maintaining brand awareness, print drives sales and generates leads. In fact, cutting print from your marketing mix can result in lost market share and sales opportunities.

Not convinced that print is still relevant? Take a look at some recent USA TODAY NETWORK case studies to see how print can generate leads and increase sales:

Before you count out (or cut out) print, take a look at your media mix with your complete marketing strategy in mind.

Digital Advertising Extends Reach and Budgets

Though it’s safe to say that print is not in its death throes, it’s impossible to deny that digital audiences continue to grow. Additionally, digital advertising allows for a level of targeting precision that traditional media does not, and there are an ever-growing number of channels as well. With more and more consumers looking online to find the products and services, digital advertising is a must for any local business that wants to compete in the modern marketplace.

Here are some reasons to add digital to your advertising strategy:

  • Audience Targeting: Digital advertising allows you to ensure that your ads are only served to your highest potential audiences.
  • Mobile Messaging: Digital advertising allows your marketing to be as mobile as your customers are. From news apps to mobile web to social media, your messages can literally be in the palm of their hands.
  • Tracking and Measuring: Digital tactics are easier to track and measure than more traditional formats. Additionally, you or your media partner can also monitor performance in real time, optimizing as necessary.

Find a balance

Need some help developing a balanced advertising strategy for your local business? Our team of marketing experts can leverage national data to help you drive brand awareness, increase sales, and achieve your business goals. Contact us today.

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