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Can You Afford More Advertising? Posted on Wednesday, September 6 in Increasing Sales.

Advertising budgets for hospitals have swelled more than 30% in recent years, with an average increase of nearly 10% a year. Increasing your marketing budgets that much is likely not realistic—but when the competition is fueling an arms war with marketing dollars, how else do you keep up?

Fight More Effectively

The trick is to find efficiencies in your media and marketing investments, so that the dollars you’re using are working harder for you.

Sounds easy enough, right? But chances are, if you already knew what marketing was producing the biggest return, you would already be doubling-down on those channels.

Rethink Your MixHospitals_Trending_Now

Digital quickly comes to mind in terms of being more targeted and more efficient, which can be true. However, a 2017 Borrell survey of local businesses reveals both traditional and digital channels are equally effective. The fact is, depending on your industry, your business life stage, your target, and your local market dynamics, different channels will produce different levels of effectiveness. Relying on generic data points to determine your best marketing tactics may not produce the results you want, putting you at a significant disadvantage relative to the competition who is armed with bigger budgets.

Consult with Marketing Experts

We’ve been working in the traditional media space for decades, and we can tell you what works and what doesn’t. We’ve teamed up with ReachLocal, a digital marketing powerhouse, to combine our local market knowledge and unparalleled resources with their award-winning technology.

To get started, we audit your marketing activities. This is a complimentary service we provide to help you diagnose where there are efficiencies across both digital and traditional tactics. Following the diagnostic, we offer a range of solutions, including tracking tools, performance-based tactics, and conversion-tracking software. The full suite is a comprehensive analytics machine that puts science into your marketing investment.

Extend with Reach

To learn more, check out our advertising tracking solution (TotalTrack), our PPC offering (ReachSearch), and our proprietary marketing software (ReachEdge).

These tools can pinpoint precisely where your customers are coming from—your actual customers, not prospective ones. For example, ReachEdge, our proprietary marketing software, takes the guesswork out of marketing by identifying your top marketing channels. ReachEdge also serves as a marketing automation, customer management, and analytics tool. This powerful platform simplifies and streamlines your efforts. The best part is you can access the ReachEdge dashboard from your browser or through the ReachEdge mobile app.

We Can Help

If you’d like to get started with a complimentary digital audit and analysis of your current marketing plan, contact us today.

Sources: Borrell’s Annual Survey of Local Advertisers 2017; AdMall 2017

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