First of the 5 Steps to Make Your Marketing More Efficient

Part of the 5 Steps to Make Your Marketing More Efficient Posted on Wednesday, January 3 in Making Your Marketing Work.


To better understand how to make your marketing more efficient, and reach your target audience of new prospective customers, it’s a good idea to start by understanding your existing customers.

Look beyond where they live. Dig into what they buy, how much they buy and how often.

Don’t stop there – work to understand the differences between customer subgroups.

You can do this through database analysis, and segmenting by purchase history, as well as applying demographic and psychographic data.

A marketing partner can be a big help in digging into more data about your current customers, lapsed customers and even potential customers. Many media companies and agencies have access to third-party marketing data valuable to this step.

By knowing more about what motivates your customers, you can build a meaningful marketing strategy.

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